Senin, 07 Maret 2011

a daily problem

yap bloggers, each I was with my friends, I look like nothing is wrong, I can laugh off. however, whenever I feel alone, always the same problem came to disrupt. begins with the desire stupid every time I see a couple go together. I thought it was quite romantic, so I wanted to feel it. but, it's just a very difficult dream to come true even today, when I had entered the college. Another problem is when I was very difficult to express if I love someone. I find it very difficult to approach, until the person is already owned by someone else, or he does not like me. It is very painful for me. in addition, other problems came because I do not have friends to share, as for if it did not last long.
hmmm .. whether I really need this? after the person is gone? whether I should continue to be in my sadness? if you do not know who is there, if I were like thee? yap, he may not know. if I had to remove all and start again from scratch in order to get happiness?
yesterday, she is which made me very comfortable there. but when I was very comfortable with his presence, she seemed to go. It was torture. Do you know if I want to stay like this? when this happened differently. no longer foster brother who was always there for me to cheer me up. everything has changed. some know what I have to what?

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